John Xiggoros' Journal of Kristen Xiggoros

Mid November 1994. Kristen had a rash of small brown spots on her neck. Prior to this time she was a healthy wonderful, still is, child. Kristen was taken to Dr. Fitzgerald who ordered blood work for possible bleeding under the skin. Kristen also complained of lethargy. Dr. Fitzgerald also felt that Kristen's spleen might be a little large.

Blood work came back with low counts in red, white, and platelets, no diagnosis or medication was prescribed. Dr. Fitzgerald referred Kristen to NH Hematology Oncology. Dr. Breschetti saw Kristen in December and ordered a series of bloodtests. The spleen was still enlarged and slight fevers started to appear. Kristen went for five to six weeks for blood work.

The fevers were still present and the spleen was enlarged. Dr. Breschetti felt the problem was as yet an unnamed virus and that the spleen was somehow eating the healthy blood prematurely. All tests, including a chest x-ray were negative. Dr. Breschetti referred Kristen to pediatric oncology/hematology at Mary Hitchcock on Dec 12th.