Met with Dr. Larson who ordered more blood tests and reiterated Dr. Breschetti assertion that the problem was viral in nature, the spleen was still enlarged, rash on the neck, lethargy, and low-grade short-term fevers. CHAD performed a CAT scan and ultra sound, which turned out negative.

Chad performed a bone morrow that on Dec 12th was also negative. More esoteric types of blood tests were ordered and Kristen's condition was the same, with the spleen slightly larger. Dr. Breschetti kept performing tests and counts that were reported to CHAD weekly. Cancers were discussed after the bone marrow and we were told no cancer existed and that the condition of the spleen was viral in nature.

At the end of April Dr. Larson felt the spleen was enlarged to the point of needing removal. He noted that he had no diagnosis to base the splenectomy on other than the aberrant size of the spleen and the low blood counts. We agreed that this was a course of action we felt was in Kristen's best interest. On May16th Dr. Mooney of CHAD removed Kristen's spleen, which was very large. He told us in post op he noticed discoloration on the liver and had biopsied that organ. Kristen had a rough couple of days in recovery but came through it like a real pro.

On May 18th Dr. Larson asked to see Patty and I. He stated that cell lymphoma was found in Kristen's spleen and liver and that she had cancer. Our world crashed into dust. He felt that her hepta-splematic condition was extremely rare in a 13 year old and that because of this rarity a couple of weeks of consult would be needed to develop a protocol we asked if delays would hurt Kristen and was told no. Kristen stayed in the CHAD Unit for six days and was released on May 22nd.