Kristen recovered at home and during the following weeks received blood work ,ultra sound, galleon scan, and exams at CHAD. On June 16th the protocol was discussed with us and started at CHAD. It is to consist of a year of traditional chemotherapy's to include vincristine, adriamycine, prednasone, zofran, and several antibiotics. It should be noted here that prior to the splenectamy and the protocol no medication was ever prescribed for Kristen other than folic acid.

The initial protocol was weekly with three spinal taps performed individually by Doctors Chaffee, Larson, and Boil. The first two LH's were extremely painful with headaches and back pain. It is July 27th and the initial weekly Chemo is over. Kristen has lost her hair but is so very beautiful still. She has some minor fever spikes, one visit to the Elliot, and some slight discomfort but nothing like the heavy Friday Chemo's with the LH's.

On July 25th we visited with our second opinion specialist Dr. Osband who examined Kristen at Mass General. He suggested we write this somewhat disjointed journal. He felt the therapy from CHAD was sound and that based on the diagnosis he was comfortable. However her condition was so rare and specific that he requested her records and wanted the pathology checked by specialists of the Army in DC. The necessary releases were Okayed and set inmotion to verify CHAD original diagnosis.