Kristen next appointment at CHAD is August 4th for CAT scan and chemo. The actual measurement of the protocols success is still not definite in my mind or in the mind of the CHAD doctors.

The CAT scan at CHAD was done on the 4th and the results appear to be good. We were told that the liver had reduced in size and that the spotting was fading. Kristen went for a subsequent treatment in late August and received the push, the drip, and the oral.

Sept 7, 1995 First day of school went well. The nurse and several staff and friends who know of Kristen's cosmetic needs are supportive and helpful. Kristen has had a good Sept and most of Oct. She had some tennis lessons and a fun time in Canada. On 10/20 she had dizzy spells and a fever. She also had slight disorientation. DHMC was called and Dr. Boyle suggested Tylenol and fluids. She had a chemo and LP scheduled for Monday the 22nd. The tests on the22nd showed low red counts. Chemo was given and Dr. Larson who seems to have the magic touch in this area performed LP. Kristen was hot and disorientated at home but thank God for Patty who calmed her down and got her on pretty solid footing. An appt was made for a 2-unit blood transfusion on Tues the 23rd.Kristen and the family have a school help meeting on the 23rd, which seems like a good thing. The most frustrating thing is Kristen having cancer and not being able to do 100% of the things she loves. Her old friends seem to have abandoned her but she has made new friends that on that basis alone must be a lot nicer people than her old circle.