I spoke with Osband and the need was confirmed that K needed more intense treatment. On Friday the 22nd of November K went in for four days of ICE treatment. She will receive long doses of chemo followed by lots of IV so as not to burn the bladder and kidneys. Thank God again for Patty. She is wonderful and I hope she can pace herself. K has to watch the white blood cells as heavy doses cause a great decrease in count and infections can occur. She also had 2 pts of blood transfused on Sunday night. K is so brave and beautiful. I love her and don't want to even think about losing her. She is a fighter and I know she will win. I also think its time to bring in a tutor as school time may be in jeopardy.

Sunday December 4th. On Saturday we reported to Dr. Boyle a temp of 101. We were advised to give Tylenol and call in am. On Sunday Kristen's temp was 101 in the am and 102 at noon. She felt and looked great but due to the ICE chemo's affect on the white blood cells Dr. Boyle wanted her at CHAD for observation and test. At the hospital Boyle stated that had he seen Friday's Elliot Hospitals blood tests results on Sat he would have brought her up then since the white counts were low. (This may have been a screw-up and to this point no medical doctor involved with Kris has answered my questions about the major possible side effects such as S, G, H, and v. Nurse Patty is doing a great job with the neupogen injections. She is the greatest mother in the world!)