January 9 and 10 Kristen and Patty went to MH for a biopsy of the liver and abone marrow. The results were excellent. Dr. Larson stated that she was in remission and that the ICE therapy would continue since it seemed to be working. Kristina was not doing so well and her tumor is spreading. I am praying for her everyday. Kristen finished her ICE treatment on Monday the 15th and it hit her hard, but thank God it's working. It was the first good news we had in 14 months. The doctors are unsure of the next steps after two more ICE treatments since Kristen's lymphoma is so rare. I spoke with Osband and he and others will work with MH.

The week of the biopsy I spoke with Fr. John, a Greek Orthodox priest. He told me to pray to the Saints and Jesus with the Orthodox format. I am learning of the miracles of some modern saints, Saint Nectarous, Saint Ignatius, and Saint John of Kronstasdt. I also spoke with Father Peter and got an icon for Kristen. It is a miracle and strange things like the prayer saying a stranger would bring goodness into your life and Fr. Peter being a strong source of Saint Nectarous preaching was more than a coincidence, it was the hand of God! I am going to pray for Kristen's salvation and mine and hope the Holy Spirit guides me to a stronger religious belief.

Some people also told me an herbal drug named Essiac that is made by a woman in Newburyport Mass. I will look into it because I believe nature holds many miracles. The next step is to see if the ICE alone is enough or if a bone marrow is the final answer. I pray to the Virgin Mary that the ICE works and Kristen's life is restored to normal.