The Ice therapy put Kristen into remission in January. She is scheduled for three more ICE treatments since remission does not mean obliteration of the cancer. She is taking these treatments like a trooper and we continue with daily CFS shots from Patty and thrice-weekly blood drawing. The first week of Feb. her blood counts were low and she went to MHO for transfusions. These scare me but they are necessary. I also continue to pray for her every day.

We are planning a trip to Disney on Feb 23rd and I hope physically she remains strong enough to enjoy it. We all can use the break. She is scheduled for a nice treatment on March 1st 1996 and the only puzzling thing is that Larsen is unsure of what the next step is. Larson sounds like a federal general in the Civil War. A bone marrow is still possible. An old friend, attorney Ken Brown who specializes in malpractice and medical law assured me that with strong doctors recommendations, coverage through the HMO would not be a problem.

March 19, 1996 at about 8pm. T has called to let us know Christina had died. There's no pretty way to say it but I pray for here soul and I pray for Kristen's complete recovery. Kristen is slated for a treatment this Friday andI know we'll have to use every resource to make sure the right decisions are made. The final decision belongs to God but I'm going to do everything in my power to help her get back to life on a 100% basis. I pray again for Christina's soul and know her earthly suffering is over. Kristen and I spent the day at Hanover for tests. She's doing great in school and socially. She is scheduled to have a bone marrow, blood work, and CAT scan. Patty, Kristen, and I went to MH for her treatment and an update on her condition. We met with only Dr. Larsen who covered several points. Kx is still in a remission and this is a positive sign.